What is StairMaster Stair Mill | StairMaster Step Mill - The world of Stairmaster Stair mill is here
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What is StairMaster Stair Mill | StairMaster Step Mill

stairmaster stepmill

What is StairMaster Stair Mill | StairMaster Step Mill

If you are reading this, I am pretty sure either you are a gym freak who wants to learn about calorie burning machines or you yourself own a gym and want to buy one to add fur to the cap to your gymnasium. Right?

Today In this article, we would be mainly focusing on the machine that is super for lower body fat burn and gives you real-time stair climbing experience. Yeah, we are talking about Stairmaster StepMill or StairMill.

Before we jump into the details of this machine, how this machine works and what are the different parts of Stairmill. Firstly I would like to sort out the confusion that many people have about StepMachine and StepMill as both the machines are produced by the same company StairMaster.

When we talk about Step Machine, It only means the machine with pedals where you stand upon and simulate the climbing experience. But When when It comes to Stairmaster Stairmill or Stepmill, It only means the machine with moving stairs which gives you real time climbing experience.

Now, I hope you might have understood the basic difference. So let’s focus directly on the Stepmill.

stairmaster stepmill

Look at the above picture, this is the step mill. Since last few years, we have seen a surge in step mill popularity. Athletes have always preferred stair run for cardio and lower body improvements. So let’s dive directly into the benefits of step mill and what are the different parts that you have to keep in mind while using it.

Different Parts of Stepmill:

There are different parts of Stairmaster Stepmill that you have to be aware of that they are properly maintained or not. Becuase to get best out of it, you need to understand the machine first. Below are the following different parts of Stairmaster Stepmill.

  • Console: This is the digital screen where you have to set the workout depending on timing and speed. If you are a beginner start with slow speed and take 15minutes challenges. Then, later on, you can bring variation depending on your requirement.
  • Handles:  You should always clean the handles before using them so avoid slipperiness. Try holding the side bars while using stepmill at the starting. Once you get the hold of it, you can keep your hands free and do the freestyle climbing.
  • Staircases: Stairs should be dry. So it’s better to clean them with a dry cloth to avoid any kind of incidents. Then you are good to go.

Benefits of Stepmill: 

There are a lot of benefits of using step mill because here you have to put your effort against the gravity that helps to burn more calorie fast and at the same time, you enjoy it as well because of real life climbing experience. Below are the main benefits of Stepmill that you should know.

  • Cardiovascular: Have you ever used stairs to reach more than ten floors, then you would be having an idea, how much effort it takes, how your heart pumping hard and you start breathing fast. Stairmaster Climber burns approximately  360 calories for a 150-lb in 45 minutes.
  • Lower body Maintenance: Stepmill keeps your legs in a continuous motion that gives strength to your lower body. it also helps your calves, quads, and hamstrings to be in proper health shape.

If you are using stepmill for one hour, then It’s recommended not to go for other exhaustive exercises like squats until or unless you are following some extreme workout regime.


As we know Stairmaster Stepmill is a simple yet sophisticated machine. So You need a proper guidance before using it. If you are obese, so it is recommended to use it at a comfortable pace. If you are constantly walking or running on your toes it can cause knee and shin pain. So, Especially for all the beginners of Stepmill, firstly get your control and comfort over it. Once you get the momentum, you can use it at your pace. Don’t try to jump in the ocean when you can only doggy paddle you won’t last long…