Top 3 Stairmill | StairClimber | Stepmill Companies in the World - The world of Stairmaster Stair mill is here
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Top 3 Stairmill | StairClimber | Stepmill Companies in the World

jacobs ladder

Top 3 Stairmill | StairClimber | Stepmill Companies in the World

Stairmill is one of the most effective machines among all gym exercise machines. So, when it comes to Stairmill, you would really find very few companies doing its production because of its high and very few premium customer demands.

The idea of Stairmill actually came to inception only because of Stairmaster company. Stairmaster is having the patent of the stairmills and started producing it. Since then, It has sold thousands of stairmills around the world. Stairmill is actually the main attraction among women as it helps to achieve perfect belly and booty as well.

Apart from Stairmaster, there are few other companies as well who are into the production of stairmills like gym machines. So, Let’s have a look and find what are top 3 stairmill companies in the world.

1- Stairmaster

stairmaster stairmill

StairMaster Company was established by three friends Lanny Potts, Jim Walker, and George Schupp at Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1983 at the National Sporting Goods show. The first product that they launched in the market was a rotating staircase machine. Gradually, they did a lot of changed in their products and later on, in March 1984 the StairMaster launched StairMaster 6000 with ergo meter. Technically this new machine was the modified version of its earlier machine with CRT Display and printed a workout summary on a thermal printer, and included a heart rate monitor.

Since then, This US based company has grown many folds and sold around tens of thousands of products in the market. The turn over of company is in million dollars annually that itself is a testimonial to its success.

Company has expanded itself in the US market since then. Now company specializes itself  in the design and production of various fitness equipment for commercial, light commercial, and home use. Company sells machines like stair climbing machines, Tread Climber cardio machines and dumbbell sets that helps in cardiovascular and strength gaining exercise as well.

2- Jacobs Ladder

jacobs ladder

This is the second company after stairmaster who started producing gym machines like stairclimber. Even though Jacobs ladder products are not completely same as stairmills but they some what pertains to it.

This machine is a complete body exercise in which you hold the ladder and climb upward on moving stairs. They have two versions of jacobs ladder in the market. The machine might seem bit complex at very first sight but climbing system automatically adjusts to desired speed depending your momentum. Easy to use microprocessor monitors.

This machine is not for everyone, but only for some premium consumers who are looking for something different as the cost of machine is bit high. It might cost you somewhere between five thousands dollars to six thousands dollars. The machine actually worth this price as it is very sophisticated.

If money is not a concern for you. In that case, you can certainly go for this machine as this provides amazing full body exercise and keeps you fit and healthy.

3- Precor Climber


Precor is also a very giant company when it comes to fitness and gym equipment.  Precor also has one climbing machine but with pedals. you won’t get here moving stairs simulation, instead you would be stepping up on the pedals and moving.

The beauty of precor climber is that, they are of low maintenance and good durability machines. Self power generated system provides smoothness with low-friction.

Precor climber is lot more cheap as well in comparison to jacobs ladder and stairmaster stairmill. It actually gives good workout to your below abdominal body fat and keep your belly in perfect shape.

So, if you are looking for low budget, climbing machine. This could be a really good option for you.

“Please let us know in the comments below, what do you feel about these companies. We would be happy to resolve your query.”