The world of Stairmaster Stair mill is here | How to use Stairmill | Stepmill
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How to use Stairmill | Stepmill


How to use Stairmill | Stepmill

How to use Stairmill | Stepmill


Also Known as Stairmill, Stepmill is an exercise machine which helps in the cardiovascular workout without putting stress on your body joints. It has less impact than running outside with the similar rate of calories burned. If you want to look slim and toned, then you should use stairmill. It is a little bit difficult, but it’s a good workout method for your legs and butt. This exercise is very much popular as every single model, actress and bodybuilder are doing it. You can change or customize the settings based on your fitness level. You can easily shift positions to target your entire lower body.


These days you will find stepmill in almost every gym. If are too busy in your daily life and do not have the time to visit the gym every day then you can buy this machine and can work out in the comfort of your home. But before the purchase of a stepmill you should be aware enough to get most out of your investment. And if you don’t know how to use stairmill then you read this article which will educate you on good workout routines with stairmill.

There are two types of machines available which are:

StepMill: It has an escalator feel and it is almost a copy of real stair climbing. You can make adjustments in the machine as per your difficulty level by slowing down or by speeding up the staircase. If you want results in a small span then you can take two steps at a time.

Pedal Type: the pedal steppers are more common and are generally smaller. You can adjust the speed and resistance according to the difficulty level of your workout. You can also adjust the height of steps according to your workout requirements.

Both Step Mill and Pedal Type machines are effective on the same muscles. You can choose any of these according to your personal preference. Take bigger steps as much as you can because if you take bigger steps then the muscles will work harder. The primary muscles include in this exercise are Thigh, Butt and Calf.


General Guidelines to use Stairmill

  1. Flat Feet: Always keep your feet flat and avoid jumping on your toes. If you do this, your front foot muscles will get stronger. In simple words, land on your whole feet including your heel.
  2. Steady Pace: Keep your pace steady and maintain a speed of around 60 to 80 steps in a minute. Going slower than this will make it more difficult for you. If you want to go faster then you need to reduce the size of steps. Reducing the size of steps will result in reducing the benefits of Stairmill.  Do not try to go super fast just try to increase the resistance.
  3. Knees Positioning: Your knees should always stay over the mid section of your foot. Your keen should not go beyond the end of the feet. Check how far your knees move forward to your toes and try to position your feel to the minimum. If the knee travels too much forward to your feel, then you may face an excessive amount of stress on your knee joint as well as on quadriceps tendon. You can face overuse injuries if the positioning is wrong. You must be aware of this method if you are doing Squats and Lunges.
  4. Body Positioning: Always keep your body upright over the console and do not try to slouch. Avoid using handrails and try to maintain the position by using your muscles. You will burn more calories by using your core muscles instead of the handrails. Your muscles will work harder in this case.

Uses of Stairmill

  1. Warm Up: You should always warm up your body before doing any athletic activities. You can use the manual setting in Stairmill machine and can work out easily. Set the level two to warm up. Keeping doing the exercise for around one minute and then increase the speed of level to four and keep working at the same speed for around 4 Minutes. After 4 minutes are ready to go for your athletic endeavour.
  2. Endurance Workout: For a challenging workout first complete your warm up exercise and then set the stairmill machine level to eight with an RPE of six. Remain at this level for around 10 Minutes. Now Shift to level 10 and increase the RPE to 7 and do the 10 minutes climb. After completing this change to level 12 with an RPE of 8 and jump for another 10 minutes. Now in the final face move to level 14 and set the PRE to 9 and climb for another 10 minutes.After completing the above exercise now cool down to level 2 and do a 1 minute climb. After finishing this exercise drink water as much as you can.
  3. High Intensity Training: If you want to retain muscles while reducing the fats you must use stairmill HIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Discuss with your trainer and get a workout structure because the fitness level if different for everyone. Monitor your heart rate to track your performance and to know about your RPE scale.
    To get High Intensity training start doing 4 minutes workout and repeat this for around 4 to 5 times. After the warm up increases the stairmill level to the higher level and start doing fast walk at an RPE of 8 or 9. Continue doing this for 1 Minute. Not start doing skip stepping for another 1 minute by maintaining the same speed. Skipping steps will increase the intensity of your workout. Now shift to the slower speed and keep the RPE to 4 or 5.Work at this pace for another 1 minute. Now repeat the whole process four to five times. Your total workout should be between 15 to 20 minutes.
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